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    Qingzhou xin's son greenhouse horticulture engineering co., LTD is a professional design、Processing all kinds of greenhouse and supporting facilities of the professional company,Production of greenhouse flowers market、Greenhouse planting、Aquatic products、Animal husbandry and aquaculture greenhouse、The greenhouse ecological restaurant、Glass greenhouse、Ball type greenhouse、The sunlight greenhouse、Photovoltaic solar greenhouse、Film greenhouse and greenhouse accessories。My company mainly produces make span8M、9.6M、10.8M、12M、16M、18M greenhouse skeleton,And a high ridge、Large span、Larger space of the greenhouse skeleton,A wide9.6-16M,High column6-10M,Studio6-8M,Aesthetically pleasing appearance,Internal vision,Capacious and bright。Xin's son greenhouse gardening can also according to the different needs of customers,Tailor the customer's requirements of modern design and manufacture of automatic control greenhouse,Can also provide greenhouse accessories。Xin's son greenhouse gardening flowers provide all the agricultural technical guidance、Technicians to output。Provide vegetable planting、Planting flowers、Ecological restaurant、Sightseeing ecotourism、Greenhouse harvest success stories, etc。  The company has a agronomist6Name,Flowers and technical personnel20Name,Vegetables and technical personnel22Name。

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    Greenhouse soil fumigation several problems that should be pay attention to

    At present,Use potions to soil fumigation in greenhouses is prevention and control of root knot nematode and soil borne disease of a kind of good method。But in the practice of consumption,Many farmers did not reach a good effect after application of such method,This may be a vegetable farmers use improper soil fumigants。So the greenhouse soil fumigation several problems that should be pay attention to: Fumigation opportunities to catch:The opportunity of using soil fumigants stop soil disinfection must hold good,In previous harvested crop...

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    Water greenhouses which points need to do

    Reasonable water is ensure robust greenhouse crops to grow、The important measure to advance production,On the basis of experience,Water needs to do the following greenhouses: (A)See day water sensitive According to the weather,Control“Sunny day right as well,Cloudy water the little or even no watering,Snow day watering of avoid by all means”The criterion to stop。When the weather turn from sunny,Water to reduce step by step,Distance time appropriate spin;To be fair by Yin,Water from small to large,By the distance of time accordingly...

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    The characteristic of greenhouses

    The characteristic of greenhouses: 1、Rounded arch or spire structure are all made of hot dip galvanized frame assembled,Carrying capacity is strong,Arch and purline“A few”Type structure,Greenhouse gel can be smoothly discharged。 2、Greenhouses internal partition can be set free,Partition management,Suitable for large-scale building construction。

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    The cost of building glass greenhouse and development prospects

    Glass greenhouse is a glass as the main greenhouse of pervious to light cover material,Is a kind of greenhouses。Long service life,Applicable to a variety of areas and a variety of climate,To grow different plants can be divided into a variety of greenhouse。

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    Why soilless cultivation is not suitable for the people

    Soilless cultivation high output,Taste good,Price is expensive。But why soilless cultivation is not suitable for the people in our country?

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