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The partridge spot among the flowers

The partridge spot among the flowers

The folding of the partridge spot

Meditation partridge spot

Silver dew

Firewood rust bowl

Firewood rust bowl

Firewood sharply

All over the sky star ocean's cup

Bouquet of mouth all over the sky star

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  • Tianjin silver

  • Tianjin golden

  • Nanping city of arts and crafts celebrities

  • Art treasures museum collection certificate of fujian province

  • A light silver award

  • A lamp that contest-Bronze award

  • Bunch of tea oil, mouth《Silver medal》

  • Beam mouth Jin Bianlan TuHao《The gold medal》

  • Xiamen new silk road golden sail brand award(The folding of the mouth all over the sky star)

  • Xiamen new silk road golden sail brand award(Jin Bianlan fine long hair)

  • Nanping museum

  • Jingdezhen ancient jun ten gold medal

  • Tea expo the first prize

  • 2016Putian technology exposition gold medal

  • 2015In beam mouth Jin Bianlan milli gold medal

  • Daily-use porcelain-Black porcelain lamp Inspection report1

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Company profile:

 Jianyang area ancient article l building ceramics co., LTD. Is a scientific research、Design、Production、Sales in the integration of enterprises,The company production of oil droplets、Blue TuHao、Yellow TuHao,Tea sets tea light series products。In2008In fire imitation song dynasty style typeface black porcelain tea light studio,Relying on professional level and the firing technology mature,In order to better promote black porcelain tea culture,In2015Years1Established jianyang l area ancient building ceramic lamp cosmetics co., LTD。The research of tea to build kilns, over the years,Inherit the traditional culture burn,Keep the song dynasty built lamps of of primitive simplicity、Free from vulgarity、Elegant,And won several awards,Works are built light collection lovers both at home and abroad。In the process of the development of the company,Constantly with inline multiple research studio exchanges and cooperation,Design and production、Product rapidly increase,Scale expands unceasingly。It is today...
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