Xichang division cheung mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD is a professional engaged in mining machinery、Equipment as a whole、 Sales、The installation、Service enterprises。With domestic and foreign companies in the southwest district offices。Main brands are constant current, grilled slag machine of hubei province、The French zimmern screw air compressor、Letter of Europe and the screw air compressor、Kay drill boring machine series、And the tunnel ventilation、The excavation、The slope supporting mechanical and electrical equipment, etc、The company also AD hoc leasing business、Long-term foreign rent air compressor、A generator、The rig、The fan and other engineering equipment。Grilled slag machine sales in southwest area has a certain status,In the mining equipment industry enjoys a high reputation,And has branches in many areas,My company has a group of technical personnel and well versed in industry sales personnel,Companies advocating people-oriented spirit,Space for the employees to set aside sufficient talent,Provide customers with quality products and after-sales maintenance services,With the perfect service system,From installation to after-sales service to provide fast and transparent, high quality service to our customers;The company strives for the survival by the quality of service,Figure development in science and technology progress,All staff of unremitting efforts,Dedication to our users。To view more+

  • 30Pump truck
  • Mixing transporter
  • Mixing transporter
  • Auspicious station
  • Your steelG3.G2Drill pipe
  • Screw compressor special hydraulic oil
  • UK-8T
  • After-sale accessories let you use
  • Grilled scraper conveyer
  • Broken hammer, grilled slag machine
  • Grilled slag machine parts
  • Broken hammer head with dual grilled slag machine
  • Air compressor2
  • Air compressor1
  • Air compressor
  • bedSeries flameproof electric hydraulic driver
  • ZBC-90(135)Explosion-proof intelligent charger
  • Industrial and mining electric locomotive
  • Battery charged electric locomotive dedicated machine
  • Intelligent mine flameproof thyristor charger
  • Battery electric locomotive series is yuan(5t)
  • CM-DSeries of low pressure water lubrication oil-free screw air compressor
  • CMTAir compressor series special gases
  • CMN-ASeries of micro screw air compressor oil
  • CMN-AVSeries inverter screw air compressor oil
  • CM-BVSeries frequency conversion water lubrication oil-free screw air compressor
  • CM-BSeries water lubrication oil-free screw air compressor
  • Fan
  • FBDCZSeries coal mine ground to use explosion-proof drawer-type axial flow ventilator
  • FBDSeries coal mine explosion-proof pressure into the type of screw axial flow local ventilator
  • FBCZCoal mine explosion-proof draw-out axial flow fan series
  • FBSeries mining explosion-proof pressure into the type axial flow local ventilator
  • FBLSeries of mining flameproof series pressure into the type axial flow local ventilator
  • 7YP-1450DElectric mine vehicles
  • Electric mine vehicles
  • Mine car
  • 7YL-1150DChain type carIIIType
  • 7YL-1150DChain type carIIType
  • 7YP-1450DMine car
  • Resistance to double ram
  • Shock ram
  • PVCVentilation duct
  • Mine pressure ram
  • Double positive pressure resistant ram
  • Resistance to double ram
  • S82Rock drill
  • S-Dragon DTH drill series
  • S-CIRThe drilling tool series
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The company product quality,Reliable performance,Easy to use,Good after-sales service,Engineering investigation in the country、The test、Has a good reputation in construction equipment such as production units and widespread praise of users。

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